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Delicious products for any place or occasion, whether bakeries, supermarkets, cafeterias, cinemas, bars and events. In addition, this line has frozen Brazilian cheese rolls and cheese biscuits for sale in supermarkets, so that the customer can prepare them at any time, with ease and flavor.

Bread and rolls for bakeries, markets and convenience stores. The different preparation times guarantee an ideal product for each type of store, guaranteeing a delicious and always mouth-watering bread.

Try our special bread, where the combination of Pão & Arte dough with unique ingredients creates delicious results for all tastes and any type of occasion. A real range of flavors that you should have in your bakery or supermarket.

With Pão & Arte’s sweet dough, you can make a wide variety of sweet pastries, bread and other delicacies. In addition to our recipes, the dough can be used any way you want. Bakers and chefs from all over Brazil are discovering new uses for our sweet dough and we are sure that you can also do the same.

The cheese buns to bake at home is the most traditional delicacy of Pão & Arte – You can always have a warm bite at any time of the day. Not to mention the special products for bakeries and supermarkets. That is, do you know that bread roll you took to eat at home? If it was tasty, the chances are that it was from Pão & Arte.